Uniting Innovators in
K-12 Curriculum & Technology

At RTM, we understand the transformative power of shared knowledge. Our esteemed K-12 Curriculum & Technology Events bring together district leaders, innovators, and pioneers in the fields of curriculum development and educational technology.

A forum for visionaries

Our Congress programs consist of roundtables, panels, keynotes, and problem-solving workshops, harnessing the power of collaboration within a robust platform of shared experiences and insights.

With each Congress carefully curated by industry-leading practitioners, a wealth of relevant topics and discussions empower delegates to discover innovation and applications for the areas of greatest opportunity and challenge within their fields. 

Our commitment to our delegates

We’re deeply committed to providing meaningful, transformative experiences for our delegates. Your passion for advancing education fuels our work as we shape platforms that empower you with the knowledge, insights, and networks necessary to drive change and innovation.

Each of our delegates brings dedication and expertise to the collective table at an RTM Congress. That’s why our events are strategically curated with the utmost consideration for your unique needs and objectives. With an application-only delegate format, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded senior leaders who intimately understand your challenges, opportunities, and the complex professional environment your work takes place within.

This fosters a rich and collaborative environment that births integral discussions, impactful connections and enduring insights.They’re also efficient, condensing months or years of trial-and-error into 3 days of high-level business delivery, networking, and strategic outcomes.

To support a truly rewarding and personalised experience, each Congress is shaped within a fully customisable itinerary. Participate in the manner that’s most specific to your interests, goals, and schedule, ensuring that every minute of your investment with us adds direct value to your work. 

Our commitment to excellence lasts beyond your in-person experience with us, with continued support from resources like our RTM Blueprints equipping you with ongoing access to thought leadership around the latest industry trends.

At RTM K-12, your success is our own. We strive to create environments that fuel your knowledge, expand your networks, and amplify your impact in the K-12 education sector.

Key Testimonials


"Very well organized event. I am new to RTM and was very impressed. Lots of great sessions and networking opportunities. The food was great and the venue was beautiful." - Jeff Marx, Dallas ISD


"I really appreciated so much about the RTM programming and the quality of this event. It was evident that a lot of care was given to provide a high level experience. The presenters were varied and high-interest, with applicable content. The location and accommodations were top notch. Having a contact person (Great job, Erin) and a personalized schedule really enhanced my experience at this event. This was my first time attending and I appreciated the format for meeting with multiple vendors in brief 1:1 opportunities more than I thought I would." - Laura Duran, Westside Union School District


"I very much enjoyed being part of the RTM event. It was a phenomenal experience that I’ll remember. The intentionality in the design, development, and delivery of the entire program was meaningful and relevant. As a presenter, I was able to spend time to engage with participants and provide them with an environment of positive engagement." - Maria “Sharo” Dickerson, El Paso Independent School District


"This is a really well run conference. I appreciate the level of professionalism with which we were all treated. The time commitment was significant during the day, but the value add was great." - Robert Baumgartner, Edmonds School District

RTM Blueprints

Discover our carefully curated educational white papers, available exclusively to past and present RTM Congress attendees and qualified industry leaders. 

These resources present the latest findings and thought leadership around expertly curated topics capturing the latest issues of note in the K-12 sector. 

Understanding, Embracing, and Integrating Artificial Intelligence

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Blueprint for All School District Leaders

This Blueprint focuses on making students feel represented, and creating a sense of belonging, as well as finding and implementing ethnic studies resources in curriculum and instruction.

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